Submit   Hi. My name is Susan Becker and I'd like to share my view of rural Iowa. I live in a renovated nineteenth century schoolhouse with my husband, Tom, son, Beau, two dogs, a couple of cats and a flock of chickens. I spend April through October tending our acre of gardens and creating outdoor sculptures, and the rest of the time trying to capture all of this on paper. At this time, I'm busy working on pastel drawings for a spring show, so most of my posts will be art related. As spring unfolds, I will take you out to our garden to see whats growing and upcoming outdoor projects Tom and I are working on. If you picture rural Iowa as mile after mile of corn and soybean fields, you are partly right, but keep on looking . . . you might be surprised what the view holds at Beckervue.

Day One: Paris

After a few changes in flight plans and a detour to Germany, we finally made it to Paris.  When you dream of a place all your life and your expectations are ridiculously high, chances of disappointment are inevitable.  But after close to twenty four hours of travel, figuring out the metro with heavy bags, we found our Hotel, brushed our teeth, grabbed an umbrella and under cloudy skies and a soft rain  began to discover this incredible city.  Within a few hours the sun  burst through - and the light - the light that for years I’ve read about and so vividly imagined - well there it was, and it was every bit as beautiful as in my dreams.  We walked the Marais district until well after dark. It is now midnight and I know I need to go to bed, but I just can’t- not yet.  

— 1 year ago

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